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Antique Sterling Silver Albertina Bracelet

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Antique Sterling Silver Albertina Bracelet

This victorian ornate chain would have been worn attached to a pocket watch but now they are highly collectible and very often worn as bracelets. 

A fine sterling silver Victorian Albertina chain in very good condition. The twisted T-Bar does have a little damage by one of its balls but is still well attached and takes some examining to notice (please see magnified photos for full details).

Marks: ‘Solid Silver’ on the swivel clasp, responds positively to tests for silver

Maker:  Unknown

Date: Circa 1890s

Length: 8 1/2” (21.5 cm) (to fit medium/large to large wrist)

Weight: 16.9g

Will be delivered in Jewellery Hound Gift Box photographed


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If you already love this bracelet you will love it even more in the ‘flesh’!


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