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Archibald Knox

Highly influential and leading designer for Liberty & Co during the height of their success.

b 1864 (Isle of Man) d 1933

Son of Scottish parents William and Ann, 5th Child of 7.

He attended Douglas Grammar School

Attended the new Douglas School of Art where he later went on to teach.

In 1897 Knox left the Isle of Man and went to work at the Silver Studio in London alongside Christopher Dresser, here he produced designs for fabrics and metal works. The studio was a big supplier for Liberty & Co.

Not long after and until 1912 Knox began working directly for Liberty.

Knox became Liberty & Co’s leading designer at the height of their success. He was responsible for their ‘Cymric’ line. 

Though hundreds of Knox’s designs were widely known his name less so as the Silver Studio and Liberty kept their designers anonymous.

The gravestone of Liberty’s founder Arthur Lasenby was designed by Knox.

Archibald Knox's designs were heavily influenced by Celtic motifs and interlaced patterns, crosses, and knots.

Style - Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Celtic Revival and Modernist

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