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Jewellery Hound was founded in 2017 by Dan Price. With over 20 Years in the jewellery trade, I’m now taking the opportunity to use my experience, education and ever-increasing passion for all things antique and vintage, to travel far and wide, sourcing and collecting rare and unusual treasures so that I can bring them here to you.
A passion for history, artistic metal work and the beauty of natural gems, has motivated me to seek out this combination in jewellery; jewellery designed and made by true artists. I aim to discover pieces that may have previously been hidden away in boxes, draws, or safes, and get these items back out into the open, to new owners who will wear them and love them, and maybe even pass them on to the next generation. 


The Collection

I’ve started modestly with a carefully selected assemblage of pieces, but I aim to grow this collection to eventually cover most materials, eras, and styles. I will add new items as often as I can, so please sign up for e-mails so that you can hear about new finds; these pieces are one-offs and I don’t want you to miss out.

All of the jewellery offered for sale will be honestly described, warts (if any) and all! If I describe a piece as ‘antique’, it will be at least 100 years old. And, if I believe an item has been altered or made up, or if it requires special care, you can be sure I will let you know.

Please note: The majority of antiques and older items will have some wear, and alterations are often likely to have taken place during their long lives. In a few cases this is not always obvious and therefore may not be stated in the descriptions. My belief is that this doesn’t compromise the beauty or value of the item described, but if ever you are not happy with a description please remember there is a 14-day return policy (see 'Terms & Conditions' for details).

Regular customers will be rewarded with discounts.

I am happy to deal with other trade members, so please do contact me.


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