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Antique Silver Amethyst Rivière Necklace

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A beautiful antique silver amethyst Rivière necklace consisting of twenty-nine (29) faceted oval amethyst's graduating in size and each in its own scolloped edged collet connected to each other by a short chain.

The white metal is not marked but responds positively to tests for silver.

Condition: In excellent condition but I do believe the bolt ring clasp is a later addition. Amethysts do have some natural colour zoning which is visible in images.

Length: 43cm (17")

Approximate Total Carat Weight: 60.00ct

Amethyst Measurements: Largest: 14mm x 11mm  Smallest: 8mm x 6mm

Total Weight: 20.6g

Amethyst is February's birthstone.

Dan says: "I have not seen another quite like this. Unfortunately there are no marks, so can't be sure of date but style and settings point towards the Victorian era."


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