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A Vintage Sterling Silver Cabochon Moss Agate Linked Necklace

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A very rare and unusual vintage cabochon moss-agate sterling silver linked necklace. Made up of 26 (twenty-six) 9x6mm oval stones, each in their own silver cup settings.

Fully Hallmarked for Sterling Silver, made by Shipton & Co in Birmingham 1972.

Length: 17.5 inches (44.5cm)

Weight: 36g

Moss-Agate: Also known as Mocha Stone. A semi precious stone and a form of chalcedonay. The colours are from included minerals, which are oxides from maganese or iron. So despite it's name their is no organic matter in the stones.

Dan Says: "I have not seen another moss agate necklace made up of so many stones, each stone is different, each a different 'picture', but they blend so well."

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