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Artificers Guild

Leading Jewellers of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The Artificers' Guild was a prominent organization in the history of jewellery making during the Arts and Crafts movement.

It was founded in 1901 by Nelson Dawson and Edward Spencer, and became one of the most commercially successful ventures of the era.

Under the leadership of Montague Fordham, who acquired the Guild in 1903, Edward Spencer was promoted to chief designer and later became the director. The Guild's work was defined by skilled craftsmanship and high-quality metalwork, producing a wide variety of crafts including jewellery, metalwork, and stained glass.

At its peak, the Guild employed over 40 skilled craftsmen who poured their creativity into their pieces, many of which featured the signature of Edward Spencer. The Guild's jewellery designs, often influenced by other prominent Arts and Crafts figures like John Paul Cooper and Henry Wilson, were highly sought after and regularly featured in publications like The Studio.

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